Hello everyone! This is my first follow forever for my first blog ever on tumblr, which is dedicated to 5 idiot dorks that i love so much. And being here for almost 1 years, I have chances to know and be friend with the most beautiful, sweetest and loveliest people ever. I treasure all the memories, all the precious little moments between you guys and me here. So, this is a small thing that I can do for you guys. Thank you so much for making my fan girl life being more meaningful and beautiful. Thank you for being here, for following me, for blogging my posts and for being an Incles <3 Love u guys! Please always love WINNER, and I hope we all have chances to meet the boys someday! ^^
italic: mutual // bold: my friends ilu i wish we can meet so i can hug u and we can talk more and sob together (im sorry for not talking much and being so awkward after knowing each other) (and, you guys can consider that all the blog i put here are my tumblr crush, seriously)
And, my beautiful precious Namsong United  friends on twitter: Bee  // Emie // Eva // Junie // Inta // Mina // Nana // Sang // Shahra // Sho (they are like my family, and they are really friendly and easy to talk to, so if you guys wanna be on the namsong river, just talk to them (and me) so we can take that ship together) (and, my dear family, sorry for being absent and not talk much to you guys recently and i miss u guys so much 
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Anonymous: Your edits are AWESOME *bows down to senpai*

oh wow me no senpai anonie but thank you ♥ i’m glad you like my edits. 

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