winner casually ruining your life

Tell me this is just a dream.

GRAND LAUNCH: 2014.8.1 

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awwwww thank you sweetie! *hugs u back* :3

Color Select.

ygenie: winner tv, kimnam, mad man ^^

hello hello helloooooooo ^^

Winner TV: last game you played with your friends?

poker hmm that counts right? XD

Kimnam: shy boys/girls or wild boys/girls?

 wild all the way just kidding, i prefer the shy/mysterious type ^^

Mad Man: the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

probably when i went skycycling, i have extreme fear of heights..and i kinda wanted to overcome that fear ugh but it was just cuh-razy! 

WINNER ask game!



  1. Seunghoon: what are you best at?
  2. Seungyoon: shower or long bath?
  3. Mino: most embarrassing memory
  4. Jinwoo: ever got lost during a holiday?
  5. Taehyun: the most expensive thing you own
  6. WIN: most painful memory
  7. Winner TV: last game you played with your friends?
  8. Ducks: last stupid thing you did
  9. Chanel: do you usually follow the latest fashion?
  10. YG: someone you really can’t stand?
  11. The Visitor: sexiest person(s) alive in your opinion?
  12. Pre-Test Week: how do you deal with stressful situations?
  13. Imjado: furthest place you’ve ever been?
  14. Busan: best and worst experience in high school
  15. Team B: tell something about your best friend(s)
  16. The Heirs: the most funny thing about yourself?


  1. Namsong: your first kiss? if you had it, how it was, if not, how you wish it would be
  2. Jinyoon: would you share clothes with your partner?
  3. Minwoo: better a partner that makes you laugh or one who lives for your jokes?
  4. Namhoon: tell about your impossibile crush
  5. 2seung: the perfect place for a date?
  6. Minhoon: tall boys/girls or short boys/girls?
  7. Kimnam: shy boys/girls or wild boys/girls?
  8. Kangnam: with your partner, would you prefer to share the same background or the same interests?
  9. Minyoon: top or bottom? (hehe)
  10. Jinhoon: older partner or younger partner?
  11. G-DRAGON: have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of a crush?
  12. BOM: your strategy to get to someone’s heart?
  13. Seungri: what’s something your partner absolutely has to do in order to date you?
  14. JYP: someone you would never date?


  1. Smile Again: best way to cheer up oneself?
  2. New Day: the first thing you do in the morning?
  3. Officially Missing You: someone you used to be friends with but not anymore?
  4. Heart Attack: how would you break up with someone?
  5. Only Look At Me: what do you see when you look in the mirror?
  6. Just Another Boy: tell something unique about you
  7. Go Up: the last time you felt down and why
  8. Missing You: what kind of person do you really need in your life?
  9. Tonight: how often do you dwell in your past memories?
  10. Mad Man: the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  11. Bad Hero: what kind of person do you want to be when you grow up?
  12. Shut Up: last time you felt powerful?
Anonymous: oh wow, your graphics are so beautiful!!!!

awww thank you. i’m so glad you like them! <3